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Volunteer Attorneys Helped Thousands during This Year's "Justice 4ALL Ask-A-Lawyer" Day

Volunteer attorneys from across the state converged on eight call centers on the first of March to field legal questions from the public as part of the North Carolina Bar Association's 4ALL Ask-A-Lawyer Day.
Hundreds of lawyers, paralegals, law students, and others volunteered their time to provide free legal assistance to members of the public from 7:00 a.m to 7:00 p.m.  Lawyers fielded 9,712 calls from the public, helping North Carolinians with issues ranging from business law to family law to criminal law. 
NCBA Assistant Executive Director David Bohm explained the source of the thousands of calls: "(The callers are) not just the poor, but people of financial means who need access and don't know where to go."

The statewide coordinators of the 4ALL days were my colleague Stephanie Crosby and Charlotte attorney Trey Lindley.  Local coordinators included several of my friends, and I'd like to publicly acknowledge their contributions here: Harrison Lord (Charlotte); Leslie Van Der Have (Greenville); Dan Hartzog Jr. (Raleigh); and Scott Adams (Winston-Salem).

I participated at the Raleigh call center, which was hosted by WRAL, along with my colleague Devon Williams.  Many of my other colleagues participated at other locations, including the Greenville and Wilmington call centers. 

Matt Cordell volunteering at the 4ALL pro bono event in Raleigh at the WRAL-5 studios.
Here is a video of my colleagues Jenna Butler and Justin Lewis answering calls in Wilmington:

Here is a photo of my colleague Merrill Jones at the call center in Greenville.

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