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More on Elder Financial Abuse

I've written an article about North Carolina's new law designed to further protect older adults from financial exploitation, and it was published in Gray Matters (the official newsletter of the Elder & Special Needs Law Section of the North Carolina Bar Association) this week.  You can read it here or here.

You might also be interested to read the first column in the newsletter, the Chair's Comments, in which Bob Mason and I discuss the effects of the new statute on estate and Medicaid planning.

My friend and law school classmate Mike Anderson has written a more technical piece about the new law for the Estate Planning & Fiduciary Law Section's newsletter, The Will and The Way, focusing on criminal liability and the ability of agencies to obtain a subpoena.  (Mike's practice includes fiduciary litigation.)

If you read the North Carolina Business & Banking Law Blog regularly, you may recall that I first wrote about the new law in August, with related posts in September (addressing federal agency guidance for financial institutions) and October (sharing a PowerPoint presentation from a speech I gave on the topic at a joint seminar of the NC Bankers Association and the NC Credit Union League).

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